Extension Cord Guidelines

Multi-Plug Adapters

Multi-Plug AdapterMulti-plug adapters are well suited for distributing power to multiple low-energy electrical devices. The only multi-plug adapters permitted are the strip or block outlets that are equipped with a 15-amp circuit breaker. The approved adapters are to be used in conjunction with low-draw electrical items only (i.e. audio-visual equipment, computers, etc.). They are not to be used in conjunction with high-energy devices such as waterbed heaters, microwave ovens, or refrigerators. Multi-plug adapters are to be plugged directly into an electrical outlet. Extension cords are not to be used in conjunction with multi-plug adapters

Extension Cords

UL extension cord labelImproperly used extension cords and multi-plug adapters are a leading cause of fires in the United States. The Marion Fire Department has developed the following guidelines for the use of extension cords and multi-plug adapters:

Note: All extension cords and approved multi-plug adapters are to be Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed or Factory Mutual (FM) approved items.