Sec. 54-8. Key box.

(a) Where required. In all buildings regardless of use or occupancy, which are protected by an automatic alarm system and/or a fire sprinkler system, the owners and/or management agents shall install a key box, of a type and in a location approved by the proper official of the local fire district. The following are exempt from this requirement: all properties protected by an on-site, 24 hours per day/7 days per week guard service; all properties having employees on duty and/or on site 24 hours per day/7 days per week; multiple-family dwellings containing six or less individual occupancies; and single-family homes.

(b) For all buildings where installation is not required under the provisions of subsection (a), such installation shall be permissible but not required. If the owner or management agent of a property which is not required to install a key box elects to do so, said owner or management agent shall be obligated to meet all criteria specified for buildings where key box installation is required.

(c) Upon examination of the physical condition and characteristics of any property subject to this section, and upon written notice to the owner and/or principal occupant thereof, the proper official of the local fire district may require a key box to be installed in a specific location whenever access to or within a structure or an area is unduly difficult because of secured openings or where immediate access is necessary for life saving or fire fighting purposes.

(d) Cabinet-style vaults shall be required when deemed necessary by the proper official of the local fire district at premises containing hazardous materials and MSDS data sheets, site plans and floor plans.

(e) Owners and operators of controlled vehicle parking areas which use mechanical parking gates to control motor vehicle ingress and egress shall install and maintain an emergency override control on each gate. Said emergency override control devices shall contain a master key-operated type switch approved by the proper official of the local fire district.

(f) Key boxes shall include two separate sets of keys. Each set shall contain the following individually labeled keys:

(1) Keys to the locked point of egress whether on the interior or exterior of such buildings;
(2) Keys to locked mechanical rooms;
(3) Keys to locked electrical rooms;
(4) Keys to fire alarm panels;
(5) Keys to elevator controls, if elevators are present and equipped with a fire department bypass switch;
(6) Keys to other areas in the building as directed by the proper official of the local fire district.

(g) In addition, the key box shall contain the following:

(1) A current list of personnel and telephone numbers for call back purposes in the event of an emergency;
(2) All right to know records and MSDS pertinent to the subject premises;
(3) In the alternative, a written direction card shall be located in the key box, indicating the location of those records for facilities having more MSDS sheets then the key box is capable of holding.

(h) The lock or key box to be installed in the structure shall meet the following specifications:

(1) UL 437--Standard for safety keylock;
(2) UL 1610--Standard for central station alarm units for use with UL listed alarm systems;
(3) UL 1037--Standard for anti-theft alarms and devices.

(i) Each local fire district shall adopt procedures for protecting the integrity and security of the master keys system which allow access to key boxes within the local district. Procedures shall include, but not be limited to: a definition of authorized uses and users of the system; specific means of access to the system; protection against unauthorized or uncontrolled use of master keys or master key systems; secure storage systems for master keys; a system for release and control of master keys from a central dispatch location; the recording of individuals having access to the master key, including date, time and location of access; and protections and safeguards against unauthorized duplication of master keys or access systems.

(j) In the event that locks on the subject building are changed after the installation of the key box, the proper official of the local fire district shall be notified of such change in writing, and a key(s) to the new lock(s) shall be provided immediately. Failure to provide this written notification and new key(s) may result in the imposition of a fine of not less than $250.00.

(k) The requirements of this section shall apply to all new construction in the township and all buildings undergoing renovations in the township, where the total cost of the renovations exceeds $10,000.00.

(l) All existing buildings as described in section (a), shall be required to comply with the installation of the key box system within two years of the effective date of this section.

(m) Any building owner who knowingly and intentionally violates this section, after receiving written notice from the proper official of the local fire district, may be subject to a fine of not less then $250.00 per violation.

(n) Enforcement of this section shall be performed by the local fire marshal or fire chief pursuant to the provisions of N.J.A.C. 5:70-1.2 et seq.

(Ord. No. 02-010, 3-20-2002)

Secs. 54-9--54-30. Reserved.