Why A Knox Box
Municipal Ordinance
Selecting a Knox Box

Dear Business Owner,

One of the many problems facing the fire department today is that of investigating problems in buildings after business hours. When the fire department is dispatched and upon arrival, there is no problem apparent from the exterior, the fire officer must make a decision whether to break into the building to check for a fire or wait outside for a business representative to arrive with a key. Many times a representative is not available or has an extended arrival time.
As a business owner, I'm sure you can empathize with the fire officer and understand either decision. The damage potential for either however is easily hundreds of dollars that, in the end, is usually borne by the business owner.

If there is an actual fire on the premises, new high security locks and other devices can prevent the rapid entry of the fire department. This fact not only increases property damage by delaying firefighting tactics but also increases suppression and restoration costs.

Recently, the Hamilton Township Council passed a municipal ordinance requiring a rapid access system, commonly known as a "Lock Box", to be installed in certain businesses. This system consists of a high security box that will hold keys and special information concerning your business. It can also hold hazardous materials information; floor plans, a list of emergency phone numbers and any other special information the fire department may need to know about your business. This system will allow the fire department to quickly enter your business in case of an emergency without causing unnecessary damage or delay.

The fire department is the only agency that has a key to open this box and use the keys to a business. Neither the building owner nor any tenant will have access at any time. In addition, the method to access the master key with which to open a business's rapid access system is electronically controlled at a secure dispatching center. Every request to access the master key is recorded. The rapid access system can also be connected to the business's fire or burglar alarm system that would sound if the box was opened or tampered with.

The use of this system will allow the fire department rapid access to your business while maintaining existing security. If you have any questions regarding the use of this system, simply call the fire station at 890-6927.

Scott McCormick Fire Marshal