The Junior Membership Application packet is available to any person who:

1. Has reached their 16th birthday but not their 18th birthday; and

2. Resides within Fire District # 7 and or no greater than 1 mile from

the borders of Hamilton Township Fire District # 7, Mercer Co., NJ

3. The requirements for Junior Members throughout the calendar year are as follows:

Attend at least ten drills and participate in at least four details (other than firematic activities that the fire company holds) in accordance with the By-law Article I, section 2.

The applicant and or parent / guardian shall complete the application for membership. Once the application is filled out and turned in for review, a meeting will be arranged between the applicant and his/her guardian and a designated fire company officer. The applicant must have a physical examination conducted by a licensed, practicing physician in the State of New Jersey. The applicant has the option of using his personal physician and or the Fire Co. physician. The Nottingham Volunteer Fire Co. provides this service at no cost to the applicant through Robert Wood Johnson Hospital at Hamilton. To use the Fire Company's physician see the Junior Firefighter Coordinator or a Fire Company designee for authorization.

Applications can be picked up at the Nottingham Volunteer Fire Co. 200 Mercer St. Hamilton Sq. NJ. If there are any questions contact Vice President Jered Hafitz at 609-890-9834 and leave a message.

Below are a few pictures of a recent training session that the Junior Program participated in:

juniors1 juniors2juniors2 juniors3juniors2 juniors4