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Nottingham Volunteer Fire Company serves the community through the Board of Fire Commissioners, Hamilton Township District #7.

To view meeting minutes and election information please visit their website: http://htfd7.com

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Hamilton Township Station 17
Mercer County, New Jersey

200 Mercer Street
Hamilton Square, N. J. 08690


Station Telephone: 609-890-9834
Fire Prevention Bureau: 609-890-6927
Fax: 609-587-9030
E-mail: administrator@nottinghamfire.org

154.430 PL 103.5 Dispatch (County F-1)
154.295 PL 103.5 Mercer County Alternate (County F-2)
154.355 PL 103.5 Fire Ground Operations (TAC 3)
154.265 NO PL Statewide Fire Channel LZ
154.370 PL 103.5 Officers Channel
154.175 PL 103.5 TAC 1
154.340 PL 103.5 TAC 2
155.265 J.E.M.S. 1
150.995 EMS Operations 2

453.525 PL 103.5 Hamilton Police Channel 1

460.575 PL 103.5 City of Trenton Fire Department